New Year Winter Happenings

Hi, Caroline here. The new year 2019 is here, and spring is coming soon. In this time of winter reflection I am working on building Laurelin Farm and its lesson program into something even better then before. I am starting lesson plans revolving around Integrative Riding. This will take some of the lesser known but super important and valuable life skills horses teach us and bringing them out in my students. My yoga practice has helped me develop and hone many of these skills, and the horses are very grateful for that! Don’t worry, we won’t be practicing back bends, simply learning how to breathe better and be more aware of ourselves helps us communicate much better with the horses. No matter if your cantering jumps or learning to walk over a ground pole, these lessons apply the same way. Yes, there will be plenty of trotting, cantering and playing games too, everyone will simply progress further faster with these skills, like I have! See you all soon! Namaste!