Success! Mandalas in the Gardens - A show at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens from June 17th to August 19th, 2018

Many works still available! See the Gallery page for details!

And they are up!

And they are up!


As part of the 2018 summer Kaleidoscope Exhibit, Caroline's work was invited to the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens! 

The Path of a Mandala

“A mandala is a circle that represents our relationships to the infinite, the worlds within our mind, body and spirit.  The bright colors and intricate shapes that repeat in a circle are a subtle reminder of the interconnectedness of all aspects of life.  Each piece and color of the designs represent a part of the journey one takes toward the center, which represents wholeness.  Mandalas are a wonderful meditation tool and reminder of the joy of life.”  -  Caroline North

There is a yoga and spiral element to most of the pieces that is meant to give bright blessings and clam thoughts to the viewers.

Caroline’s work is inspired by colors and shapes and how they can be made representative of certain thoughts and emotions.  Her medium is various types of brightly colored papers that are often handmade and full of surprising little textures from natural elements. She likes to use paper because it ultimately has an air of impermanence to it, fading and changing over time, as this is the circle of all things in life.  This selection of work celebrates the joys of color and shape, as well as the benefits of yoga and its philosophy.