Horsemanship that emphasizes real world life skills:

  • Focus and Mindfulness towards yourself and your horse

  • How to Express Intentions

  • Respect for all Living Creatures

  • Compassionate Leadership

  • Awareness of your Body and its Strengths

  • Balance and Harmony with the most forgiving of creatures, the horse

Laurelin Farm provides a place of learning and safety. Horsemanship is taught with kindness, respect and joy at a personal level in a low stress atmosphere. The riding levels taught include beginner through advanced since horses always have more to teach us! Lessons are taught with an emphasis on dressage and an approach and release technique. The principles of yoga are also gently woven into many lessons to further the enjoyment of each ride. In addition to riding, individuals will learn horse healthcare, effective groundwork and safe tacking up. Private lessons are tailored to individual styles of learning. Trail rides and adventures are a regular part of experienced student's instruction. A partial lease program is available for riders who want to have a taste of what it's like to own a horse.

We ride at Laurelin Farm for joy and fun, and to learn all the life lessons good horsemanship can offer!

Lesson Types and Fees:

  • On Farm Lesson - $40/hour, private lesson

  • Semi-Private Lesson - $30/hour, for approved intermediate to advanced riders only and subject to horse availability

  • Half Hour Private Lesson - $30, required for riders ages 7 to 9 and an option for experienced riders who can tack up and warm up their horse by themselves

  • House Call Lesson (I drive to you) - $45/hour, limited to a 20 min. drive time radius from Laurelin Farm, others call for price quote

Pay for 4 lessons in advance, get $10 off the total.

Family Style Lesson Program:

  • Mommy and Me (or Daddy and Me) - $65 for 90 min.
    For children ages 4 to 9 and their parents. A fun, safe introduction to horses for younger children not ready to ride alone.

  • Includes: 20 min. grooming, tacking, leading session done together
    20 min. child riding lesson with parent as a side walker
    40 min. riding lesson for the parent while their child is watched over by Caroline's assistant and engaged in introductory
    horse knowledge and fun games
    10 min. cool down and clean up session

  • Family Group Lesson - $65 for 90 min.
    For up to three people ages 9 and up. The Riding lesson will be tailored to each family's experience with horses. If one rider is a beginner then each rider will have a private lesson 20-30 min. long. Once all riders can safely post the trot off a lounge line and steer effectively, a group lesson will be conducted per horse availability.
    Includes: 20 min. grooming, tacking, leading session
    60 min. of riding
    10 min. cool down/ clean up period

Other Information:

All lessons are subject to Caroline's availability and the availability of appropriate horses. Lesson slots can fill up quickly in the Spring, so it's best to call/email early!

Please try to be on time to your lesson or early if you can get your horse ready on your own.

All horses trailering in to Laurelin Farm must be current on vaccinations and Coggins test.

Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice must be given if a student cannot make a lesson. If notice is not given, a $10 cancellation fee will be applied. The only exceptions are illness and emergencies. Parents take note: a child's bad behavior is not an emergency (please find some other way of disciplining your child!)