Each horse at Laurelin Farm has a unique personality, outlook on life and they love to teach humans how to join with them to view the world from their perspectives... 

Niner, the maternal caretaker

A very affectionate Quarter Horse mare, Niner is excellent with beginner riders. She loves attention and is very patient. Whether you're out on the trail or just on the lounge line, Niner will take care of you.  She will teach riders to open up to trust and compassion.


Boomer, Mr. personality

Boomer is a Haflinger cross and full of personality. He works well for both beginner and intermediate riders. He does not suffer fools and will let you know if you are not communicating well. For advanced riders he is a versatile jumper and is surefooted and sturdy on trails. 

Khaliel, Intuition master

Khaliel is an Arabian gelding who has had many roles in his life. Currently he is competing in endurance riding with Caroline (recently completing 50 mile rides). He is a horse for advanced riders, and very responsive to the subtle communication that is the art of riding. He is also adept at helping people work out emotions and learning about their intuition with groundwork.


Glorfindel, aka Glory

Glory is Laurelin Farm's rising star. The son of Niner and Beau, he was born in 2008 right on the farm. He has a gentle quarter horse personality with some added Arabian spunk. He helps intermediate riders get a good feel of connection and communication. He loves trail rides (recently completing 30 and 50 mile endurance ride competitions!) and is schooling Training Level Dressage.


Beau is an Arabian gelding and helps both beginner and intermediate riders practice balance. He is the half brother of Khaliel and has a sweet and gentle personality.


Poppy, the mini with a big heart

Poppy is a miniature horse in training for driving. She is excellent at helping young children (and older adults alike) to be gentle and mindful around horses of all sizes.


 Eddie and Penny, the miniature donkeys

The newest equines to come to Laurelin Farm, these sweet guys will help teach patience, perseverance and acceptance. In addition to working in hand they drive singly and as a pair.




Other equine members of Laurelin Farm include boarders, retirees, and horses in training. For pictures, see the Photo Gallery page.