Eligible riders may partially lease a Laurelin Farm horse. This partial lease includes the following on a per month (4 week) basis:

  • 4 half hour riding lessons (1 per week)
  • 8 non lesson rides (2 per week, scheduled if possible, but we can be flexible)
  • Use of all of the horse's tack and equipment as available. Use of all facilities. Any trail rides must be accompanied by another rider on a horse.

Cost: $150/month plus half of the horse's routine care expenses (farrier care and any chiropractic or massage that the horse may need due to use). Full farrier cost is $40 per trim every 8 weeks or less. Chiropractic and massage is approximately $80 per session, usually done twice a summer.

Eligibility: Students must be able to walk, trot and canter safely off of a lunge line. They must be able to steer and stop effectively when more than one rider is in the ring. In addition, riders must be able to tack up the horse on their own and/or with help of their parent/guardian (who may need to tighten the girth) and safely be able to lunge the horse in a round pen.

Expectations: This program will allow intermediate riders to get a feel for what it's like to care for their own horse. They will need to plan ahead for their rides and tack up on their own for lessons. This program is structured for students to be able to ride about 3 times a week. On non-lesson days the students can work on whatever they want provided it's safe and in the best interest and well being of their horse (riding during the hottest part of the day is best avoided). They must care for the tack and equipment and watch out for the health of their horse. In splitting the routine care costs, students will get a sense of the responsibility of owning a horse and actively participate in their care.

Schedule: The horses will likely be used for other students lessons, so scheduling rides is very important, to ensure the horses don't get too overworked on a given day.

Things not to do: Jump the horse without Caroline present. Go outside the pasture fence without Caroline. Leave any tack or equipment lying around the barn or leaving a mess in general.