English and Western Saddle Fitting Specializing in BOTH Horse and Rider Comfort and Balance

 Laurelin farm tack room

Laurelin farm tack room

  •  English and Western Saddle Fitting Specializing in BOTH Horse and Rider Comfort, Balance, and Functionality

                   Includes :  A horse evaluation regarding overall health, state of growth, and weight.  I will do a back/wither tracing that you get to keep if desired.  I will bring saddles from The Stagecoach West to you to test ride in if desired.  I will answer pad, bit, girth, saddle, stirrup length, hoof boot, and most general horsemanship questions and give a list of recommendations.

  • Affiliated with Stagecoach West to take up to 3 saddles on trial
  • 15 years experience in fitting saddles, tack and in riding and training horses professionally
  • No brand loyalty, I will fit new saddles, used saddles, cheap saddles and expensive saddles! (although you get what you pay for!)
  • Flat barn visit fee, no hidden commissions!
  • I can evaluate fair value of your used saddles and equipment
  •  I also fit bits, hoof boots, and other tack checks
  • I can also educate groups, work with youth or horse clubs to give a 1 day lecture/demo day on tack fit, contact for details

Note: I do not personally buy or sell saddles or re-flock, repair or sew saddlery.

Call for details regarding trying saddles from Stagecoach West

Fees depend on drive time from zip code 14034

  •               20 mins away or less $50 per horse
  •               30 mins away or less $55 per horse
  •               60 mins away or less $65 per horse

         For further drive time or for a multiple horse discount, contact for details.